My new found passion

It's one of the best feelings in the world when you find a passion. 
I always kind of knew I had a love for baking as a kid but never truly 
explored it until now. It just takes a slight interest in something to 
spark up passion inside and then a little motivation to do something about it. 

Having people in your life who believe in you and take interest in your 
interests really makes a difference. I never had baked a cake in my life and 
then i just decided that if I never try I will never know. But believing I could do it made 
me realise that trying new things is so amazing and it sparks new feelings and now 
i cant stop. I want to push myself and see where this will take me. 

I cant get enough of baking i want to learn everything there is to know about it. 
I found some really great baking books from @HOME, these have thought me a lot. 
Also following inspirational baking blogs such as The Cake Journal are phenomenal 
to learn from, or even just inspiring ones creativity.

I also have started watching CAKE BOSS to try and pick up techniques and learn about different types of fondant and icing. This really is so much fun and I love the fact that 
I can now give my clients a full 360 degrees service with my party planning business. 
I get to be involved with every single part of it and I love that I can create a 
fully Whimsical experience for each client.

Happy baking and party planning 

xx Avonnette 

     Whimsical Parties