Make... a MR Maker party

What I do when I have no clue what to do...
I was asked to do a MR Maker party for a little girl. Now that's never a problem 
but when the party theme is new and there is nothing out there then it can be a problem.
So my design skills were called to action!

So I had to get started on this party pretty early to get everything done in time.
 I had to watch watch it, google it and live it to get a good understanding of this party theme. 
I had to see what kids see when they watched this show and it brought back a lot of memories of being a kid and just having fun.

I loved putting a mood board together for this party as it was so bright and reminded me of finger paints and summer days. The kids really were so excited when they saw the setup and the whole theme came alive. We even decided to invite one of our craft fairies 
to the party to entertain the kiddies.

The kids loved the Crafty fairy as she helped them along with their crafts and had exciting stories to tell them about Mr Maker and the world in which they live.

One thing I have learnt is that entertainers are a parties life saver! 
Kids love them and listen to them ;)

                                    And heres to another successful WHIMSICAL party!

Happy party planning xx




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