Turning one with 101 Dalmatians

Turing 1 years old many people think it’s not worth having a party for, 
as the child wont remember it. But we say its your first birthday of your 
life it should be the best.
There’s nothing better the looking back in your photo album and 
being able to relive those memories. :D

The hardest parties of all are ones where you can find any 
d├ęcor at the shops : (
But luckily we have a creative bone or two or three. ; )

We don't stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing.

When there's no themed decor at the shops there's no need for  
a Fairy Godmother, all you need is a good party planner. ; )

With party packs like those, who could ever out do you.

If only you could see what we did :o ! Kids where too cute at this Dalmatian party, when they thought no one was looking they pretended to be  Dalmations, eating and drinking like them and crawling in and out of the dog house decoration.  :p Now those are moments you don't see at every party!

So if you ever need to create a party worth a million smiles 

contact Whimsical Parties 

071 444 0953




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