A party for Heros

There's nothing better then a classic, and some times old school 
is so much fun that you just cant compete with it!!!

This party was all about Super Heros for a 6
 year old little boy :D So i felt comic feel 
would be really fun and different!

That cake is so  cute *5 stars for appearance. 
Its sad to have to cut up and eat such a stunning creation.  :( 

The fun, the funky and the freaky :D Adding a touch of old school 
stamps onto the colourful serviettes!

Our very creative center piece that focused 
on the whole crime fighting in the city :P 
and keeping the birthday boy in mind ofcocarse.  
Now this is why moms need party planners 
because with so much on your hands already 
where will you find the time to build and 
design party decor :D

Adding a bit of style to party packs never hurt anybody!

Its always the best to see the whole party 
come together and to see everyone relaxed 
and just focused on making memories and 
not worried about cleaning up ;)

And having a real Super Hero at a party :0 
is beyond your wildest dreams!

Always going the extra mile ;) because 
we treat every party as if it were our first !!!

Whimsical parties 

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