Superhero's make awesome friends

Theres no doubt in my mind that I would have loved to have met a real Superhero growing up. Not sure who it would have been... But with our Superhero's Spiderman takes the CAKE!

His bold presence grabs all the kids attention and I think 
he's super powers make him the talk of the town. It's not 
easy to get away with out showing the kids what 
Spiderman can do. But we he knows how to do fly kicks 
and have a can of spray web... it's pretty convincing to them.

It's always great when a Superhero comes with another Superhero friend as they can then have each others back, no matter how intimidating their biggest fans may be.

It's always such fun when the Superhero's teach the kids 
a little bit more about their world and encourage 
their imaginations.

And what would a Superhero party be like with out the cake!

It wouldn't be a party at all!