Whimsical love printables

Whimsical loves printables.

Having a design background really helps because 
when i cant find a certain theme at the shops i can just 
make themed printables. Printables look so amazing 
and add that extra value to your party decor. But even if 
you don't have a design background you can buy 
these amazing printables just as easily

These are Cupcake Toppers above, you print them out and stick them on a tooth pic and place them in cupcakes. 
(Shown in the first image).

So i thought a blog post on printables was well needed, seeing as we have even added a new page to our site for our Whimsical printables which you can actually order.

They fun they fast and kids love them. 

This is a cupcake wrapper printable, you print these on a thicker paper stock and then pop an cupcake inside and then you have a fab themed cupcake in seconds.

You get cupcake toppers, wrappers, party banners, serviette stickers, thank you tags, party pack tags , printable invites and so much more. The list is pretty endless so if 
you want it it probably exists.

So if you find it hard to find a decor for a spesific theme then contact Whimsical and we can help you out with our new range of printables that can be made up for you.

Order printables on: 


Step 1: Choose the printable

Step 2: Make payment

Step 3: Receive high res PDF printable

Step 4: Print it on your own paper choice

Step 5: Cut it out and customise your own party