A Whimsical Hello kitty party

WELCOME to the wonderful world of making dreams come true and making little girls birthdays the best of them all. This is our Deluxe Hello Kitty pamper party, where all the little girls got very spoiled from the Whimsical Party team. ;) and this made for some great photos 
of corse.

These were our OH SO DELICIOUS "eat me and never let go"  Hello Kitty cupcakes, made from our very own special "i think he'd rather stay anonymous" secret supplier. And the best part is that they taste just as AMAZING as they look.

And then the FUN BEGAN as our little princesses started a beading craft, "some kids were better then others" but we eventually got on a stable path and everyone was beading away.
The problem arose when we tried to stop the beading craft "never interrupt a busy artist", 
lesson LEARNT!!!
We take pride in the fact that most of our table decor was hand made "this separates us from our competitors ;) ", cause anyone can throw a party but not everyone can throw a WHIMSICAL PARTY. On the right you can see our adorable Hello Kitty party packs that really made for great decor and an amazing "you'll talk about my daughters party for weeks to come" added BONUS. 

Then the PAMPERING began... and went on... and on... and on............... till they were all PAMPERED OUT!  Now these types of pics of your little ones are too CUTE and think 
about the great pictures you'll have. ;) You can show these at their 21ST "chuckles", start collecting now!
Now how can you ever say NO to creating more happy little faces "just like these :D".

*I'll give you the best advice to ensure you'll win the mother of the year award!

Step 1: Ask what kind of PARTY your little one wants? "think creative thoughts".

Step 2: Keep reading through my BLOG, it will keep you on the right track "mother of the year award".

Step 3: CONTACT Whimsical Parties "I repeat contact WHIMSICAL PARTIES".

Step 4: BOOK the party with us! 

Step 5: POST your party photos EVERYWHERE!!! "because you deserve it".


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